These are the pioneers that helped make Dirt Oval R/C Racing what it is today. We honor these individuals for all their contributions.

Roy Moody

Monee, Illinois 1928-2008

Owner: Monee RC Raceway -Oldest Indoor Dirt Oval in the Country - Nitro and Electric Racing

Owner and designer of Moody Automotive 1/8th Scale Gas Sprint Car





Roy Moody is an Icon in the history or RC racing in general, not just dirt oval racing which was his passion. He carried ROAR membership card #2 until the day he died and was without a doubt one of the true pioneers of RC racing. Here is a wonderful video of the first ever ROAR Nationals in 1967: https://youtu.be/fI4RnN_90MY  you will see Roy at the end during the Trophy presentation.  RC racing in general would have looked much different without Roy's involvement and we all owe a special thanks to Roy for the ingenuity and passion he brought to the hobby he loved so much.

Upon Roy's death In January of 2008, Doug Carter the Founder of DirtOval.com had this to say about what Roy meant to him and his love for the hobby:

This past weekend was the 16th running of the Big G.O. event in Monee, Illinois, run by Roy Moody. It was a nitro dirt oval race that has been a fixture in the Midwest for quite some time, run at an indoor track .........


James "Godfather" Brown

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Owner:  Competition RC


James started racing Dirt Oval locally in 1988 at which point he says he was instantly hooked.  James had good success with his racing and In 1991 he obtained a sponsorship from Power Products and Specialized RC which made him a teammate with Bob "the Bullet" Light. They toured thru Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas for several years racing and promoting the products.  During those years he not only competed against but became friends with ........